Thursday, November 29, 2007

What's the Idea

Todd and I have been friends for over fifteen years. In that time we have played sports together, competed together on academic teams, and lived together at the University of Georgia. When we lived together, we often talked about our goals after college, and in those we came up with an expression, "Making That Money". For example, we might say, "When you get a job, you gonna be making that money!" It became a catch phrase for success, and we still use it to this day when we see others getting paid well or doing well in some way financially.

On this blog, we hope to share some of the stories of our professional lives (where we "make that money"), along with some advice about things we've learned along the way. We both are young and well educated, but we do not claim to be experts on any particular subject. We simply want to share our thoughts with other up and coming professionals. I am part owner of a small truck brokerage and Todd works in state government, just to give some context to our stories.

I make no promises as to the frequency of our posts, but I hope to write several a week for now. I hope you enjoy our blog, and we look forward to your comments and stories.

-- Robert

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le35 said...

This seems like it will be a fun blog to read. I hope for regular posts!