Thursday, December 6, 2007

Where do we MTM from here?

What are we doing here anyway?

Robert gave you a good introduction, but its useful for us to talk a little bit more about what exactly "Making that Money" means. MTM as you'll here us refer to a lot, means a lot more than just accumulating wealth or prestige. Let's look at one of the broadest definitions I could find for "money." says one usage of the word "money" is "any article or substance used as a medium of exchange..." So, in layman's terms if we take something--a piece of gold, a note, a rock, etc. and we can use that item to exchange it for something else, we have money.

So what in our lives would we consider "money?" Don't we use our emotions with others to exchange for better, stronger, more intimate relationships? Don't we reasonably use our skills to exchange for things like better pay, better jobs, more security, etc.? Follow along with us here at this blog and you'll understand what we mean when we talk about "money."

As idealistic college students we thought that the production of more, more, more was the way to a happy and fulfilling life. More cash, more investments more real estate, more security. You know what? We were absolutely right. Let me temper that a bit. More cash doesn't always mean more peace and more happiness. The opposite may actually be true. But it's silly for us to imagine that human beings don't always attempt to procure more in their lives. We shouldn't be ashamed of this, because it isn't necessarily a bad thing. We contend that as long as we're looking for healthy money as opposed to bad money, we are always improving ourselves in healthful ways.

So what we're doing here is pretty simple. This is a way for us to make more money, and for you to make more money. Don't be afraid of it say it loud, "we're into money and we're proud!"

We all love emotional money because that helps us interact with our loved ones better. We love social money that we save up and use to strengthen our relationships and appreciate our communities more. We all love health money because we exercise and eat right to build up the money we exchange for longer life and more energy. And who doesn't love cash money? We love cash money because it helps us do more for ourselves, our loved ones, and our world.

In these coming months and years we'll talk about the adventures in making money in all its forms. Most of all we want you to spend a little of your intellectual money with us, and we promise we'll spend a bunch with you.



Robert said...

I'd just like to say welcome to the blog, Todd. I look forward to your future posts, as I'm sure our readers will.

I think you make an excellent point that money is too narrowly construed by most people. I think what you're talking about, and what we mean on this blog, is capital - emotional, physical, spiritual, financial, or any other measure - and that is definitely something all humans seek to increase within their realm. The study of economics seeks to explain how mankind satisfied its unlimited wants and needs with limited resources. The mechanics of economics do demonstrate that cash is not the only measurable capital, and that people will spend their cash to receive goods and services they desire until they have satisfied themselves or until their resources will not allow for further acquisition.

While we are not economists, what we will talk about from time to time here will definitely involve some understanding of that subject. That said, I think most people inherently use economics to make choices in how they spend their capital.

Great post, Todd.

-- Robert

le35 said...

I think that emotional and social capital are the whole reason we want cash money. I love cash to better my life with my children, to provide for their needs, and to make all of our lives more fun. I'm looking forward to giving in some of my intellectual capital. I feel that I'll get a great return on my investments!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Well, it's nice to hear from Todd and get to know you better as well.

I like that you approached this subject..I have seen Robert's comments around and didn't imagine that he is soley driven by (cash) money in his life, and am glad for the clarification of what is truly meant by MTM.

Robert said...

I will make my response in a general post here. It got long enough to share in that way.