Sunday, December 9, 2007

Crazy Things Heard on the Phone

The following is a list of things I've actually heard from Tech Support, Customer Service, or other individuals who I got to talk to after sitting on hold for hours:

"Sir, can I call you back, I need go bathroom very badly," in a strong Asian accent that added to the effect of making me fight laughter.

"As soon as I get off the call with this jerk, I'll come out there," said to someone else regarding me, to which I said, "Can you finish helping this jerk before you leave?"

"Sir, you will have to pay $75 to receive support at this time," said after the previously free support tech had told me to format my hard drive and call back.

I know constantly answering support questions must be very taxing, but sometimes I wonder if on the job description it says, "nasty attitude a must" or lately if it says, "must speak in heavily accented English" on the job listing on Monster. I have a lot of experience making phone calls for charity groups or for a living, and I have been called all manner of names in those endeavors. I know it probably gets really old for some people who work in support to deal with people's ridiculous requests. They have my empathy and gratitude. I just think I have had some amazingly bad luck with tech support over the years, and those are just a few of the crazy comments I've heard. Probably among the funniest things I ever got to hear while making calls, though, came when I was working for the University of Georgia as an assistant to the Institute for Leadership Advancement. I was calling various companies to let them know about an upcoming event, and I misdialed one digit from some corporation and got:

"You have reached the Fordham Group" in a thick Northeastern accent. I realized I had misdialed one digit and dialed 1-800-FORDHAM. An even funnier call from that same list went through the automated attendant to someone who said loudly (on a recording), "I'M FINISHED."

And, with that, so is this rambling post.

-- Robert

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