Saturday, December 8, 2007

Cash Isn't King

Well cash IS king, right? No, I'm not driven only by cash. I seek to improve my quality of life in general, which (unfortunately) often requires cash, but cash does not achieve it on its own. Without the other forms of "money" as Todd described, my life would be a void. One thing I think I've learned in my working life is that there is "drive capital", that a person needs something to drive them. For instance, my wife's brother was an eternal underachiever, capable of perfect scores on tests while unwilling to do the mundane homework in between them. Then along came his wife, and then he finished a degree in record time, and a Masters shortly thereafter. Those who are drive solely by a larger bank account tend to find that enough is never enough, but those driven to improve the world around them - or at least the life of their spouse and children - tend to find greater overall satisfaction, which to me is a much better measure of success.

In my life, seeing my children grow up, finding ways to help them do so with a broader view of the world, that drives me. I want my business to succeed, but a large part of why is because I want my children to have a better quality of life, and perhaps one day they might want to work in that business and learn some skills. If all I cared about was improving my bottom line and nothing else, my life would be a lot less full, and (to me) more miserable. As it stands, I have good working relationships with my fellow employees, a great work environment that is family friendly (at least, as much as any trucking office can be), and a wonderful relationship with my children (and the rest of my family). I guess you could say I am Making That Money.

-- Robert

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Sister Mary Lisa said...

Cool. Good for you, Robert (and your family as well, obviously).