Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wonderful Words

Today my wife and kids came back to town from a long weekend trip. We met some of my classmates for dinner and then I took the kids home from there while my wife went off to a meeting. I got them laughing so hard over something so nonsensical that I don't even remember what it was. Then, after the older kids were out of the car and I went to get my youngest out of his car seat, my daughter said "Dad, I'm glad Mom married you, 'cause you make me laugh!"

Truly, I am a lucky man.

-- Robert

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Seven Years

People who know me know I love the number seven. There are three of them in my birthday, it's the perfect number, the number of God... lots of reasons to like seven. So here, on my seventh anniversary, I must acknowledge how truly blessed I feel to be married to the woman of my dreams. Lately I've had a lot of reminders of how much I need to cherish her and appreciate the joy she has brought into my life. I've had to reinvest myself in this program, but I knew I had her full support in doing it, even as hard as this year has been on us all. I know I haven't done enough to be available. As part of my recommitment to my program, though, I arranged my schedule - every half hour of every day is accounted for on my weekly calendar. By breaking it down so tightly, though, I can focus my mind and my energy in each period to accomplish the one thing I've got planned in that period. Twenty-four hours of my schedule (one seventh) is set aside for family time (not even counting most of the time on Sunday being spent on Sunday, only about three of those come out of Sunday). During my family time, I am with the family - not thinking about what school work is not being done. No, I will be a Dad and a husband only. Part of that twenty-four hours is even set aside specifically as time for my wife. It is not really giving much to say "Honey, this small portion of my week is entirely devoted to you." I realize how miniscule that sounds. Still, it is what I can give - it is what I know she needs, time with me and only me. Quality will reign over quantity, hopefully.

So to my wonderful wife, thank you for seven years. May it only be the beginning of an eternity of joy together.

-- Robert