Friday, February 29, 2008

Upcoming Posts

I had a post planned for today on Microcredit, and no, that is not the percentage of people's souls owned by Microsoft, nor how small your credit line is in the midst of the current credit scare. It's actually a very interesting concept about how small loans can stimulate an entire economy. I haven't had the time to research it with a sick family and the Virtual Book Club last night (which my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed), so I will put that post up on Monday. Feel free to read yesterday's post, which is long enough for two days (and really felt like two intertwined stories by the end) .

Here's a brief update (which I also did not get up yesterday) on A Whole New World, which I first wrote about two weeks ago. The bid process was extended an extra week, we can only assume because people were not getting in their bids. We had our entire bid in by the deadline, though, and have spent most of this week feeling like we're afraid to tinker with it and just wish it had already been finalized. We really hope this means wonderful things for our business, but we won't know for a month just how much of our bid we get awarded. "Hurry up and wait" is now into full-on "wait and see" mode.

Tomorrow I plan to post an email (with his approval) Todd sent me a few weeks back after his first half marathon. I know it took a lot of hard work and dedication to run it, and I wanted to put that on our blog.

-- Robert


Julie Pippert said...

I'll wait for it. And you guys get well soon!

Robert said...

Thanks. No prayers will be considered unacceptable. :)

Melissa said...

Ugh...waiting is always the worst. Good luck!

Oh, and thanks for coming to bookclub! Julie hasn't been by my site, so I think she's feeling a little guilty.. :)

Robert said...

We have finally moved home today (Saturday). The kids are still sick, but we thought they could really use some time in their own house. We brought our son by for a few things last night and he was practically jumping for joy he was so happy to be home. He is glad to have the greater freedom of movement available here, and we're glad to feel more relaxed in our own world.