Saturday, May 3, 2008

Best Man Speech

I have known Todd for over half my lifetime, and I have counted it a privilege to know him for really all of that time. He cares deeply for his friends, he gives so much of himself to them. He's been like a brother to me, and I thank him for it. He has a work ethic I can only begin to fathom and wouldn’t dare emulate. One of these days I really will get him something with 24-7-365 inscribed on it because it fits his work pattern all too well. That’s just part of what makes Todd so great. When he commits to do something, he really goes for it all out. He dedicates himself to improving in the ways he needs to so he can truly be the best. That’s one reason I am confident he will make a great husband, and I hope a great father one day, because he has committed himself to a great lady, and I wish them both the very best on this, their special day. To Todd and Claudia.

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