Tuesday, April 28, 2009

True Tech Support, And the Power of Blogging

This past week, I found the power of the blog affirmed mightily. Within hours of writing this post about Norton 360 and my problems with Symantec Tech Support, I had a comment from a Symantec Public Relations agent hoping to resolve the matter. Wow, who knew the power of a simple grievance post. I first made sure the post was legitimate - someone would have to be very bored to impersonate Symantec PR, I imagine - and then waited for the promised tech support contact.

I had an email from a senior tech within a day. I did not feel like going in to work on the weekend to work on the problem, so I asked him to contact me Monday or Tuesday. He said he would call me at 2:00 PM EDT on Tuesday, and he was punctual. I explained my problem, and he quickly initiated a remote control session on my server to diagnose it. He checked the version of the product (something the prior tech's never even asked) and discovered it was not the latest available. He explained that anyone with a subscription to a Norton product could upgrade to the lastest edition of that product for free, and then he downloaded the upgrade I needed.

Voila, within thirty minutes of the initiation of the call, I had a resolution. The latest version did not have any of the conflicts the prior version did. It almost seemed too easy, but before I even had a chance to cast any doubt, he assured me he would check back in a couple of days to verify that I was still satisfied with my situation. He made some additional suggestions to help my server's performance and let me know he planned to follow up on those as well.

I retract any complaints I had about Norton, save one: I am sorry it took me writing a blog post to get this kind of help. If I could have had that kind of help from the beginning, the post would never have been necessary. That said, I am highly pleased with Norton 360 and with the tech support agent who helped me with my problem.

-- Robert


staszekgiers ( from Yahoo Answers !!!!) said...

Im Back !! I think thats incredible it means your blog most be very famous out there !!
haha I wish i got some of this attention ! My Pc has just died !
its so sad ! Im currently working on my younger Brothers one !

staszekgiers ( from Yahoo Answers !!!!) said...

My PC was Born in 1995 Anno domini
Served threw the Milenium and died
on the 3rd may of 2009 Anno Domini It will forever remain in my memory as a good equipment and a reliable partner ! I remember the days when I watched Anime on it as it were two weeks ago (come to think of it it was two week ago)I dunno what else to say its so sad !
and Im gonna cry (or maybe not)
(My brother will kill if I get his keyboard wet) etc etc etc


(I wonder if I can sell for parts ?)