Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Roof's On!

It sounds a lot like "soup's on" in my head. Seeing a picture of our new house with the windows in and the roof on made it feel a lot like we could move on in. I realize the inside is the slow part, but still, it's nice to know things are coming together. And fast. My wife's blog shows a picture here.


Melissa said...

Ok, I went back and read (ok, skimmed) a whole bunch of posts and I totally missed the whole "building a house thing". I'm assuming this is in Lubbock? This is what I get for dropping of the face for a while.

BTW, I have new digs. I've moved to

Robert said...

I know the feeling. Your blog is one of the few I've been able to keep up with for a while because I've been so busy training people at work for my departure and studying for calculus and linear algebra tests I'm taking in August. I'll change my link to your blog. Thanks for keeping up.