Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Multi-Talented Wife

I married an amazing woman. She has musical talent in spades - plays violin, piano, and various percussion instruments. She's a natural cheerleader - she loves to encourage others in whatever they are pursuing. She takes beautiful photos - we decorate our home with her pictures. I love to read her writing. She's a wonderful mother, of course. But finally she's pursuing one of her true passions: she's applying to law school. I'm really happy for her, and definitely proud she's doing it. Good for you, sweetheart!

-- Robert


Melissa said...

You guys make me feel like such a sloth....:)

I'll leave a post on E's, but congrats to her for making the big step. I assume she's applying at TT?

Glad to see it's been going well for you up there. Things finally came in for a landing for me, and Spouse and I will be starting our own consultancy this spring, and he'll leave his really large company as soon as I get some deals closed. We're kind of doing the "Cortez" theory of startups. You know, burn the ships. Gulp.

Anyway, have a great Christmas and New Year!

Robert said...

Many thanks, and Merry Christmas to you, too. Good luck with the startup. Being in Austin, you might be able to get some help from the business school. Who knows, right? Hope it goes well.

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