Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Things Learned In Difficult Circumstances

This weekend, we had a somewhat unpleasant Saturday. I could beat my chest and complain about it, but I really see no need. Instead I'd rather look at the bright side of it, so I thought I would write down some things I observed (most of them were things I already knew, but further confirmation is always nice).

1) We have a wonderful son. He was patient about the fact that we were not doing things to entertain him, and he was very pleasant about everything we did that day. The worst he got was a little too wild in the late evening while waiting in a boring triage area.

2) My wife and I work well together. When we tried a few things to cover our window, neither of us got impatient with the other while we tried our ideas. We just kept suggesting new things until one worked.

3) Scotch-brand packaging tape actually works very nicely as a "replacement window". It stood up to 80+-mph winds. That is to say, it didn't rip off despite the speeds I was driving.

4) Material things really aren't that important to me. I really haven't been angry or bothered by the loss of our GPS. I might have been more bothered if they had taken the camera, simply because it contains special memories (more than just being a material thing). It might have been annoying had they taken the DVD player because it makes rides with my son a lot easier, but again, not because of its material status. Things, after all, can be replaced or repaired.

-- Robert

P.S.: For anyone confused, I refer you to my wife's blog, the entry from Saturday night, for information on what happened Saturday.


le35 said...

OK, so I am bothered by the loss of the GPS. I miss it. . .

Robert said...

I know, and I imagine we will replace it in time. Still, I knew how to get around before we had it, and we still know how to now. It's a nice tool - especially when traveling - but I am not as bothered as I might have expected. I am sorry they took a gift you gave me more than I am sorry an object is gone. Hope that makes sense.