Friday, June 12, 2009


Packing done? - Check. My wife and some friends did a wonderful job of getting it all ready.

Orlando trip planned? - Check. We have a decent condo and our printed Ridemax list of how to hit the most things at Disney each day.

Movers scheduled? - Check. They will come either Friday or Saturday of next week.

Road trip planned? - Check. We'll be going through Vicksburg, MS, then Irving, TX, and on to Lubbock by way of Sweetwater, TX, just past Abilene.

Closing scheduled? - Check. We will tour the house on the 24th and close the 25th.

House complete? - Last item on the list, but based on the most recent pictures, this check should be added very soon.


Melissa said...

Have fun! And good luck!

Robert said...

Thanks. We definitely will. Our daughter's coming home tomorrow, and we're excited to get on our trip a little earlier thanks to that.