Thursday, January 24, 2008

Man Down

This year has not started out on such a stellar note. Around Christmas, the wife of one of my dispatchers fell down her stairs and badly broke her leg and some other body parts. She was given a recovery timeline of several months. Another wife had knee surgery a little before that, so she's been slowly recovering. The dispatcher whose wife had knee surgery was suffering from something akin to pneumonia and kept trying various treatments to get it to go away before finally being sent to the hospital. Turns out he had an 80% blockage in his heart, so they were going to put in a stint. Before they could, though, he had a stroke and possibly another. Now he's got a long recovery period ahead of him, as his speech is badly slurred and he's not completely able to walk or write with his hand (the stroke hit the side of the brain that controls the hand he writes with). My secretary's mother had an operation yesterday. My partner's been sick for a few weeks and been in and out of his office.

It's quite a list of woes to look at. I just needed to get that off my chest. Hopefully the rest of the year will make this first month seem like a distant memory soon.

-- Robert


Julie Pippert said...

That's tough---it's tough for them and the people who know and care. When a string of tragedies like that happen I know it makes me pause and question, stop and think.

Hopefully it improves from here.

Robert said...

To update: the man with the stroke is recovering and (according to one report) could have a full recovery in three months. Those who have otherwise been sick are improving. The wife who fell down the stairs has gotten a velcro cast and been given permission to walk on it, which is a big improvement in her quality of life. Things are looking up. I just had to purge these thoughts and did so here. Thanks for the comments, both on here and by email and phone, to anyone reading.