Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sales Calls (continued)

"You're where? Oh, well, if you're out of hours, you're out of hours. I'll get someone to come move the truck, just give me a minute," the safety manager explained to his driver as we sat down. We found out the driver was literally parked in the driveway to the facility bringing in his empty truck and ran out of hours to drive (according to DOT regulations). He looked at us and said, "We run THAT legal."

I took that as an opportunity to highlight our safety policies and record, which hopefully put us in a positive light. We were, after all, visiting a potential customer who knew nothing about us and who we had never hauled from even through another broker. We had a great conversation that hopefully will turn into a good relationship with plenty of business between us.

On another day, just as we were leaving one of our largest customer's facility, we were able to see a new trucking company that had just started working for us. We got a chance to find out more about them and hopefully put together their trucks (which both had two driver teams) and a customer we were just trying to get back to working for. If it works out, it could be very lucrative for us, the shipper, and the truckers - a trifecta. The sales trip this past week went rather well, and we plan to make more of them in the future, especially if we get the results we expect.

-- Robert

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