Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sales Calls

This week my business partner came to town so we could see some of our bigger customers and talk to some others about expanding our sales with them. Before we left, we could have been disheartened by the first contact of the day.

"Hey [customer contact], I'm in town and we wanted to come by today," my partner explained.

"Oh, well, today wouldn't be good. It's pretty nasty out," she explained. It was raining, though that stopped about ten minutes after this call.

"Oh, we'll be out in it anyway, so we were just thinking we'd come by and talk about what we could do for you this year," he continued.

"We were hoping to let people go home early because of the weather."

"Well, maybe we'll just come by next week some time," he offerend.

"Well, actually, let me be frank with you. We're satisfied with the carriers we have working with us right now," she finally admitted. He had talked to her several times before to let her know he would be in town at this time. She waited until he was here to tell him he was wasting a trip if it was to see her.

All that said, we had several good contacts. We saw a long-term customer, a fairly new business, and a customer who had quit working with us. Getting to clear up why we were cut off made the whole trip worth it, since a few loads would pay for all our expenses. We ended our day by talking to a customer right in town that has a perfect season to match up with our down time. They're busy in the fall, while many of our customers are busy in the spring and early summer. Here's hoping 2008 is a great growth year for my business.

-- Robert

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