Monday, March 17, 2008

The Streak Ended

I know, I know, so many out there were cheering me on, but I had to take a rest. Okay, I'll wait for the applause to die down. Thank you. After coming within two days of fifty days straight posting, the streak ended. I was tapped out. I just couldn't put up a post that contained nothing of value. I couldn't even bring myself to log in to for a little bloggin'. No, instead I chose to savor good friends and a loving family. I preferred to spend time playing Monopoly with my lovely wife. Alas, the streak has ended. I know, I know, you were all heartbroken. The pain will subside, though, in time. Maybe one day I will reach fifty. For now, farewell.

-- Robert

P.S.: This post was sponsored by satirical society of self-centeredness. Now back to your regularly scheduled basic blogging.


Melissa said...

The disappointment I feel cannot be expressed in mere words. And trying to have your posts be of value? In the blogosphere? What is the world coming to? (says the person who has no idea what she'll be blogging about now that the banana experiment is over)

Robert said...

Exactly. You definitely hit the nail on the head.

Gwen said...

But my regularly scheduled basic blogging IS all about the society of self-centeredness. So what's a narcissist to do?

Sometimes I ignore my blog on purpose, just so it remembers who's actually in control.

Robert said...

It is interesting how writers find their muse and their work each have a life and personality of their own. I have certainly seen why it can be true, even as poor a writer as I am.