Monday, October 20, 2008

Departing Friends

This Sunday, a lot of changes happened in our women's groups. One reason it was time for these changes to come was because one family is leaving -where is not yet known because the Army keeps putting off telling them. For what seemed like months, their departure has been upcoming, but it never seemed imminent. Then Sunday they informed everyone wanting to have a farewell party that they would only be here one more Sunday before shipping out.

The suddenness of their departure made me think ahead to our own. Right now, time seems to both fly and drag. It flies because each passing day goes by rapidly, but it drags because we too await news of our future. I am not impatient - I know I will not hear anything for several more months - but I can definitely feel the sense of approaching a waterfall. We are about to take the plunge. What awaits us in the mist beneath is anyone's guess.

For now, life continues. We plan for birthdays and holidays. We take our daughter to preschool. My wife teaches her lessons. We watch our son grow up and become more verbal all the time. We prepare for the new baby.

People ask us often about when we'll know where we go from here. The answer is always the same - months from now. It's nice to know people are taking an interest. Friends I've barely talked to since moving back here have heard the news and asked me. Maybe we're more noticed here than I realize. I am sure now we will be missed more than I had originally thought. Certainly our lives will never be the same. I hope and pray the new challenges will bring new joy and new learning.

And to our friends now leaving, we wish you well. We will pray for you as you serve your country. We know you are taking a big step, leaving the town you have called home most of your lives - in the case of your children, their only home. You will be missed.

-- Robert


le35 said...

I'm not sure we'll be missed by more than a couple people, but at least I know that we have made a home for awhile, and we'll make one in our new place.

Robert said...

Knowing someone - anyone - will notice when you're gone means a little something, I think. I do hope we find that in our next place. I would love to make some lasting relationships with professors, at the very least.