Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's a Small World After All

So there I was, driving along, mostly minding my own business, listening to Eddie Fantastic on audiobook with my family. We'd left her brother's house that morning, stopped off in Las Vegas for lunch and then headed on. It was a lovely drive through the red rocks and desert, lots of amazing views of mountains.

Then we were stopped on the Hoover Dam. Apparently it was undergoing some construction, causing slowdowns. Because I was effectively parked, I found myself looking around. That girl... well, okay, that woman... I knew her... and that bearded guy with her looked vaguely familiar.

Yep, there, driving across the Hoover Dam, hundreds of miles from where I live, and where I went to high school - hundreds of miles from where this couple lived in fact - were two people I went to high school with. I just had enough time to roll down a window and call out their names. They saw me and waved back, but it truly was one of the more bizarre happenstance meetings I've had. Not the most, no, that still goes to a couple of meetings at different church buildings, but that one was pretty funny to me.

Anyway, we're home from out west. I thought that was a pretty funny way to end it.

-- Robert

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