Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm It!

Here are the rules to the tag:
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First off, in the spirit of the person (Crissy) who tagged me, I don't know any blogs that weren't tagged already, so I'll simply respond with six random things about me.

1. I have wide feet. The first time I visited my current doctor's office, the Physician's Assistant just kept saying over and over, "Your feet are huge!" Must've said it five times. I wear 4E's whenever I can get it.

2. I love history. I enjoy listening to television shows about it, reading books and stories about it, and seeing elements of it by visiting sites of significance. I give my parents credit for a lot of it, and a couple of my teachers really nurtured that love by how they related stories of significant figures in history. Listening to a documentary about the Civil War in eighth grade certainly helped.

3. I love olives. I have gotten a can of them in every Christmas stocking for more than two decades (so far as I can recall) and they rarely lasted past lunch. I can find a way to work them into almost any dish, or at the very least any cheese or pasta-based dish. I think they are the manna described in the Old Testament.

4. I once won over $5,500 from a $5 bet on video poker. And I've never played since.

5. I own a couple dozen medieval or oriental weapons. My collection started when I inherited my brother's claymore - a five and a half foot tall sword he'd ordered when we went to Scotland. He wanted it partly because he loved Conan movies, and he used to swing it around that same way in the back yard. I have purchased my additions from all over the world - as well as town fairs and mall stores. I haven't added to the collection in at least seven years, though.

6. I love all of my in-laws. I could not have picked out a more perfect group of people to bring into my life, and I consider myself fortunate to know each and every one of them. I not only don't dread when they visit, I look forward to it, and even find excuses to visit them.

Those seem like fairly random thoughts that certainly make me unique, if not terribly interesting.

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