Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No More Tomorrows

In corresponding with Tim Wade aboutour mutual plans to follow lifelong dreams, I wrote that there are no more tomorrows. I really mean to say there are no more "one of these days..." left after deciding to follow a dream. "These days" are here. The dream is on "sink or swim" status.

Few things are more thrilling. Few things are more terrifying. A leap of faith into a dark abyss without knowledge there is a place to land on the other side. That's how it can feel. After all, who wants to find out "No, you really don't belong in this profession." It's like training for the Olympics for years only to fail to make the team. But then there are those who make it. There are the Randy Pausch's of the world. They don't give up, and they live their dreams in every moment. They inspire the rest of us to think we can do it.

I hope this post has the positive ring to it I intend. I am very excited to be on the path I am right now. I can't wait to see where we go, and then where I go from there.

And I know already. Same song, ninety-fifth verse, this one's bad but so was the first.

One of these days I'll have something more to write about. Tomorrow I might share some thoughts on one of the academic articles I am reading right now to get my feet wet in the field of academic literature. I'm glad I'm able to read them in reasonable time and understand most of what is written there. Once I've had some courses in methodology, I should grasp even more.

-- Robert

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