Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Four Weeks

Today our son is four weeks old. It's amazing how quickly time flies by, and how much he has already changed. Still, he mainly spends his days eating, eliminating, and sleeping. It's just amazing to see how he continues to be a peaceful spirit, even when he's wide awake. Last night I held him for a while as he was awake, and he just looked around, rarely fussing at all, and that just to say 'Don't put me on your shoulder, I liked sitting up' or something like that. He's a beautiful person, I must say.

I'm also glad to see that his sister's adoration has not subsided (if anything it has grown), and his brother has grown to really love him. Our older son will say "Baby's cryin' " or "What's wrong, 'a'y 'other?" (baby brother). Both his siblings love to hold him, hug him, kiss him, touch him gently, or talk to him. Each child is special, and each child has a way of making us wonder, "How did we exist without you?"

Most of all, I'm glad we're making it so far. I am very proud of my wife and her energy as she continues to nurture all three kids and meet her other obligations. I married an amazing woman.


C.Flower said...

Aww. Does your wife read your blog? I'd like to read a guest post.

Robert said...

My wife has her own, and yes she regularly reads and comments on my blog. She is at "attached parent" or "Ellie" on the right side of my blog in the "Blogs I Read" section.