Saturday, August 16, 2008

Home Again, Much Work to Do

I got home Thursday late, but I had already agreed with my wife that we'd go see her friend in Orlando. Some portion of our family has been traveling over the past three plus weeks, so it was nice to have a relaxing evening in Orlando and then a fun morning before getting to the various work that awaits.

Now that I have a clearer picture of what research I want to mention in my applications, I need to rework my statement of purpose. I had one written before I went, hoping I could add a few lines somewhere into that document once I got back. I tried that Friday night, but I may need to completely rework the whole thing. I can still use a lot of what I've written, but I may need to change some of how I describe certain things.

I also have decided to apply to at least one more school that I hadn't originally planned, and maybe two. I met with two of the professors and one of the current students from a great school, and I was quite impressed. I was also encouraged to consider a top school by several people, so I thought it was worth a try. Hopefully I'll have a lot (if not all) of my applications done soon. Each of my professors I asked have agreed to write the recommendations I need, and two have already submitted several for me.

In short, the conference was a great success, and a wonderful experience. I am so glad I went. I am so glad my wife encouraged me to go. I can't thank the professor who suggested it enough.

-- Robert


le35 said...

I think that your applications will go fine. Good luck with them.

Robert said...

Thanks. You've been a big help in proofreading and stylistic advice.