Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Research Interests

After listening to papers presented on the concept of entrepreneurial orientation and on determinants of corporate entrepreneurship, I believe I see something I would love to research in the future. First, I would love to continue those areas of research with the imminent professors involved in them. I can see how courses could be developed, based on that research, to teach undergraduates, graduates, and executives how to develop these tendencies within themselves and put them to use in their lives.

Now, for anyone interested, here's what entrepreneurial orientation entails: a tendency for an individual, group, or firm to seek out opportunities and to cultivate those they wish to. It does not only mean new venture creation or even new product creation. It could be as simple as process improvement (such as a file clerk developing an improved filing system for data storage and retrieval). The point is to foster the desire to look for improvements in the individual, group, firm, industry, or even world.

By researching what helps develop those tendencies, identifying the important elements, then it can be possible to help spread the idea of EO.

I for one am fascinated.

-- Robert


le35 said...

I hope that you have fun in that field. I'm very glad to see you so interested in this, and I think that going to the Academy of Management is one of the best things for you. Maybe we should plan on you going every other year or something. :)

Robert said...

I doubt next year would be something I should attend, but in years after it might be a regular event, simply because it seems to come with the territory. There are 18,000 members of the AOM, and 9,000 of them came to this event. Clearly many members come every year to present, hear presentations, or simply interact with those in their field of interest. Next year is Chicago, the year after is San Antonio, Not sure anything beyond that is scheduled.

Anonymous said...

Have they talked about the concept of "Lean Six Sigma" or the "Toyota Way". Both systems are related to the idea of improving processes in the corporate world.

Robert said...

One researcher in the last presentation I went to talked about her plans to research companies that mimic Toyota's relationship mindset. I've heard of Six Sigma, but no, that's not something I heard in this conference.