Saturday, September 13, 2008

Completed Applications

Wow, I must say it's freeing in some sense to know I have completed all my applications. In the last week, I was holding off on submitting two that were done for no particular reason. I had three others I was waiting to see when they would open up to fill out. Each of the three came open on different days, I and knocked them out one by one. The last one appeared to have opened first, but it was misleading because they opened an application to terms that were already in progress instead of future years. The future years finally opened up some time yesterday, so I logged in and actually had all but a small part filled out in under sixteen minutes. I know because when I logged in, I got a warning that maintenance was due in sixteen minutes, and I was ready to submit except for two things when I saved it and saw the maintenance had begun. An hour later I was able to complete those other two things and submit it - my final application. I wrote thank you letters to each of my recommenders, and I also let them know they didn't need to expect any more recommendations. I still need to do something about one recommendation that had a peculiar requirement, but basically everything I have to do is complete and only one professor needs to submit his letters of recommendation to the various schools I asked him to submit to. He has plenty of time to send them, though, so I'm not worried.

Now we just get to wait and see where I get in.


Melissa said...

And another step completed! Way to go!

Robert said...

Thanks. I'm glad to have that much behind me. Still a lot more to accomplish in the days ahead.