Monday, September 15, 2008


I'm not sure I have ever experienced what happened to me Sunday night/Monday morning. I had a dream "sequel" of sorts. I have had many vivid dreams over the years, some so lifelike that I woke up and looked around expecting to still be in that world. The most common way I know (while still in the dream) that I am dreaming is when I begin flying. But none of the flying dreams have ever seemed sequential. I've also had a dream about waking up on the day of a final without having been to the class or ever studied at all - my Dad warned me about that when I was pretty young and I was glad to remember his story when it happened to me.

The dream I had on Sunday was different, though. I could tell that a dream I'd had before was somehow connected. Within the dream, someone said something that made my dreaming mind recall the earlier dream. It was utterly bizarre. That's the only way I can describe the disorientation I felt as I was able to remember the dream within my dream, and remember both as I woke up. Of course I didn't take the time to write down both dreams right away, and thus I have this rambling diatribe that makes no sense to anyone but me, I'm sure. Still, I wanted to make a note here, in case it ever happened again, or in case I figured out some deeper meaning from the two dreams. For now, I'm heading to bed, wondering if I'll be dreamweaving again.

-- Robert


Natasha said...

Oh this has happened to me a few times. Weird!

Robert said...

I've had a lot of very vivid dreams, but none so clearly sequential. It's just a neat thing to analyze, I guess.