Sunday, September 14, 2008

Teatro - Some Very Talented Singers

The other day, I was listening to a YouTube video of Phantom of the Opera, specifically the song "Music of the Night" when another video showed up. I had never heard of Teatro before, but I was very impressed. Each of the men in the group has an extensive resume in musical theater, and they were brought together to form the first theatrical "group" (though the producer apparently had the Four Tenors in mind more than the Backstreet Boys). After hearing how well these four men sang one of my favorite songs together, I felt like going to buy their CD. Unfortunately, it is not available in the US. It's crazy to me that I can listen to their CD samples and watch their music video, and yet I can't purchase it even as a download off iTunes.

So here's hoping I can get a lot of bloggers to start a groundswell to get them over here so their CD will be available. I know I would rather listen to them than about half of what is on the radio today. For now, I'll have to make due with the samples off their site.

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