Wednesday, September 10, 2008

... When You're Busy Making Other Plans

Yes, life is what happens. Each day brings a new challenge, a new joy, a new tragedy, a new discovery... or at least a new sunrise and sunset. No matter what is on the horizon, life must be met in the moment, where we are. In other words, diapers need to be changed, food must be prepared, rest must be found, and clothes need to be washed as those needs arise.

What boring thing to blog about, right?

Unfortunately, life can seem boring compared to big dreams - even an awful television show can seem more interesting that day to day life sometimes. Yet what do I miss if I leave my head in the clouds? I would miss the wonder in my son's eyes over something as simple as a popsicle. I might not feel the joy of seeing my children run to me when I come home each day. I would forget how blessed I am to have my wife with me every day.

Randy Pausch pointed it out best when he said we only get one chance to live each day. There's no rewind and no reset button. So while I sit here, realizing I had nothing new or profound to write about today, I realized that might be what matters most - here and now.

-- Robert

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