Monday, April 21, 2008

Wanted: New Business

Loads needed, preferably high dollars and high dollars per mile. Straight loads accepted. Large volume lanes very desirable. Fuel surcharge based on Department of Energy averages also desirable. Long-term relationship upon successful execution of early loads preferred. Those who have high incidences of claims related to overage, shortage, and damage need not apply. Offering excellent company, great credit history, quality drivers to haul freight. Call us. Please. No, seriously, call us. Do we sound desperate? Good. What more can anyone want? Call.

Editor's Note: I rewrote the above post, which originally looked like this one below. I was inspired to change it to a want ad by this post. Thanks for the idea, Melissa.

The goose is cooked. No, I don't mean we're necessarily done at my office, but when I checked and saw we got literally nothing from the bid (though we still have a chance at something Wednesday, and if people turn down things), that's how it felt for a moment. Here's hoping it's a long way from over, but this bid process was dissatisfying, to say the least. Can't really say anything more about it.

-- Robert


le35 said...

The want add was great. It was a Monday Mission, I think you could have added it to a Mr. Linky on someone else's blog. I wish you the best today, please keep me posted even through travel.

Robert said...

I couldn't find the Mr. Linky whereever it might have been, so I didn't add it. I checked the referenced site and didn't even see the original call to the mission. Go figure.