Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Success as a Parent, However Small in Measure

Sunday night, after enjoying Elder Ballard's talk saluting mothers and listening to two of my wife's sisters discuss how they would tackle our problem with my son's sleeping habits, I took it upon myself to do something. My wife needs more rest. She needs to take better care of herself. So I decided to help my son begin to learn to sleep through the night without coming to find his mother repeatedly.

Monday morning, I wanted to take a picture but decided not to risk waking him, but I felt something akin to success. My son was asleep in his own room. We had kept our daughter out of it because his chief habit in the past when he has not gotten our attention has been to rouse his sister by hitting her until she wakes up. This morning, though, he found comfort by sleeping in the recliner so often used to rock him to sleep. He did not wake his mother in the night, though, which meant I had succeeded. Monday night and Tuesday morning will show how much success I have had, and how much luck. My son knows that we love him, but we need to stop letting his schedule dictate our lack of one


Note to anyone reading this: I did not add the z's for effect. As I was writing this blog entry in the hopes of keeping myself awake, I feel asleep and strangely my finger landed on the z. I thought it was too funny to delete in blog post about handling sleep issues.

-- Robert


le35 said...

Those Z's are SO FUNNY!

Robert said...

It really happened. I thought I had accidentally held down backspace and deleted everything, until I clicked on "edit posts" and went back in to see the whole post there with a mile-long line of z's across the page.

Melissa said...

I can tell you from personal experience that sleep debt is worse than credit card debt.

Good job on helping out here. :)

Robert said...

I may have managed to at least get our son to detach from ONLY accepting Mom and now accepting me as an alternative to sleep. That's good for her, and fine with me. Thanks for the kudos, Melissa. I'm still working with him, though, to really get him to sleep alone all night.