Monday, April 14, 2008

Every Man

I have been fascinated by this political season. I must say I have never seen one like it. Eight years ago, Al Gore fought for everyone. Four years ago, John Kerry agreed with everyone. This year, though, we have someone who wants to be every man. Barack Obama fits among Muslims. He fits with Christians. He fits with the wealthy. He fits with the poor. He fits with blacks. He fits with whites. He makes people believe he is exactly what they want in a president, because he is exactly like them.

He wants change. I am glad to give him change, so long as he leaves me my folding money. He believes in hope. Hope is great, so long as it is a hope for a better tomorrow, not just a tomorrow that is not today. I see no clear vision from him, and I think that is largely intentional. It is much easier to use vague generalities and eloquent sound bites to inspire people to vote then it is to say something real and inspire people to act.

As for his wife, she wants people to "share their pie." She believes that those who have a big piece of the pie are not giving enough - though I don't quite understand what "enough" really means. Is what she and her husband give "enough"? If so, then most wealthy people should be asking for refunds, since the Obamas give a fairly small percentage of their income to charity, while many millionaires (such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet) give many millions to help those less fortunate. No, what I see from the Obamas is a lot of rhetoric designed to encourage the "bitter Americans" out there to vote for Barack so they can have their way with the country.

Fortunately, I am sure of two things: 1) Obama will not be president, but in the absolutely unlikely event that he is, 2) I am very confident he has no chance to accomplish much in the office. Right now I am fascinated to watch the Democratic Party tear itself to pieces. If Hillary wasn't around, Barack's rendition of Bill Clinton 2.0 might well have gotten him the presidency. Without him around, she might be sworn in a few months from now. Instead, I get to watch this fascinating race. Am I pleased with the likely outcome, President John McCain? Not particularly. But again, as a student of politics, I am amazed at how many things have come out this race.

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