Thursday, April 3, 2008

End of an Era

Today marked the end of an era. A man who worked for my company for twelve years in two different capacities retired. He helped it through the aftermath of September 11, helped it through the retirement of the first employee of the company, and helped it grow to new heights. He changed a lot of how we operated, and he gave us new hope for the future.

We will survive him, though. We survived, as I said, the loss of a lot of business from September 11th. We survived the retirement of our first employee. We have survived many other threats to our existence, and we are stronger for what we learned in the process. While he may be missed in the moment, tomorrow is a new day.

We have already changed over his phones. We may change our office layout to better utilize our space, since we had given some measure of deference to him in how we presently use it. We will make use of our remaining talents, and our business will not suffer at all.

In fact, it will thrive. We are expecting wonderful new opportunities any day. We have several contingency plans already in place to handle his retirement. Most of all, we will no longer have to wonder about when he will go, because now he has.

I started to write more on this subject, because not everything about his tenure here has been positive. Instead, though, I prefer to leave it just like I have, with the positive remembered and the negative ignored. I am sorry to see the end of this era, but I am glad to see the brighter day on the horizon. So long to the past, hello future.


Julie Pippert said...

Here's to your last two lines. :)

Robert said...

Thanks. It would have been easy to outline some of the other side, but I see no reason to get into it. I also don't want to say bad things about a person here when they clearly are completely unaware of it. There's just no call for it.