Monday, April 28, 2008

Tax Law

The tax law in the state of Georgia required that I file by mail this year to get a small credit related to a business I own. I believe that credit amounts to roughly $25 for me. Because of the paper filing, though, I will not receive my refund from the state until late May, despite having mailed it during the first week of March. My brother-in-law, who files in Virginia, got his refund from Georgia a week after he e-filed his return. I have written a letter of grievance to one of the legislators I know well, and I will probably share similar letters with two or three more. I have a real problem with a law that gives an advantage to an out-of-state taxpayer in receiving his refund over an in-state taxpayer. I also have a problem with a law that requires paper filing knowing they have every intention of taking two and a half months to actually return funds. I would probably not care, but I was expecting to pay a lot of taxes last year when I paid a large estimate in the first quarter, only to later realize I would not have to (because of changes to my business). So the state has had my money for over thirteen months now, but I will only get some interest back if they decide they have taken more time than they consider reasonable to return the money.

It is time to pass the FairTax, and to enact similar legislation in the states. It is ridiculous that a bureaucracy has taken this much control over our lives and our money, and that we simply stand by and let it happen. I agree with Lee Iacocca, who recently wrote in his book Where Have All the Leaders Gone about his concern for the lack of leadership in this nation with regard to numerous pressing issues, including energy, health care, taxes, and industry. I have not yet had the chance to read his book, but the excerpt I read hit home for me. Too many have chosen to maintain the status quo instead of leading the charge to make needed changes. Our our tax system is broken, as is our governmental policy on welfare and minimum wage, and without major reformations the economy could suffer catastrophic losses. It has already taken major hits, and policies demanding the creation of false economies to establish some new way of polluting - some would say of creating energy - are driving inflation at a mind boggling pace. The time for action is now. Really it was yesterday, but we must not stand by. I am tired of pretending I am satisfied with the state of things as they are. My business is being crushed. My paycheck is being bled dry more rapidly than ever. I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired of the state of the world. I know I am not the only one who is fed up.

-- Robert


Melissa said...

Ok...Time for us to start our own party. Except we'll probably end up with a horse's head in our beds.

Robert said...

I'm with you. We need some of the limited government views of the Libertarians; the anti-abortion, social responsibility, and personal responsibility views of the religious right; and the interest in real energy alternatives and resources that should be the concern of all parties (but somehow isn't). Throw in some concern for environmental care (nothing about climate change or global warming, just good old fashioned pollution reduction), and that sounds like a sound-minded party for the people by the people. Who's with us?

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