Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Deadline Number One

The first school to have a final deadline passes today. I'm holding my breath and hoping they received all my materials. Well, okay, I'm calling and asking whoever I can to be sure, too, but since one particular item seems to have been left out (and it's an item out of my control) I'm holding my breath a bit. Most of the rest of the deadlines are at the end of this month or at the end of January, so it's not a huge deal if this one isn't completely right, but I keep hearing, "that will be taken care of" and then the date it will be done by. Each time it's passed, and each time it was not accomplished. So I am stuck waiting and hoping and counting on someone else not to be a roadblock to this whole process.

Head down, arms folded, here I go. Just have to keep repeating it.

-- Robert


le35 said...

Did the prof get your things in yet? Were you supposed to send him a letter of what you did first?

Robert said...

No, he hasn't, but he has until today before they just leave out that element of my application, as I understand it. And I sent him my resume some time back. I've contacted him again to be sure today, but we'll see what happens.