Monday, December 29, 2008

Utilitarian Prayer

Two weeks ago, I really started working on getting my son to pray. We had worked with him, but I really made it a goal for him to give as many of the family and personal prayers he could until he started to understand both the need to give them and the way to give them. Before the second week was done, he could already give his own prayer. His prayers, though, are about very visible things.

His prayer for a meal goes something like this: Hea-en-y -a--er (he's struggling with the Heavenly Father so far, but it's clear what he's saying), --ank -ou my day, --ank you my pea--es (peaches), --ank you my noo-les, --ank -ou my o-i-es (olives), --ank -ou my --at (anything on his plate he can't name he points at and says his version of "that")... (until he gets to), in name, Jes-- Chris-, A-en.

I find it rather adorable how much he is thankful for. Not every single thing he mentions in every prayer is visible, but they are almost always things he has seen (such as family members not in the room). I suppose I could be worried that he doesn't understand the need to be thankful for things not seen, but hey, he's only two. I'll take it, quite proudly, that my little man can say a prayer at all.

-- Robert

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