Monday, December 1, 2008

My How the Time Flies

This weekend marked the one-year anniversary of my starting this blog. I didn't touch my laptop at all from Thanksgiving until late last night, so I am writing a belated anniversary post.

A year ago, my wife and I were getting started on trying to get our house paid off quickly. Today the house is gone. A year ago we were deciding on whether to try for our third child. That child is due in a month and a half. A year ago I was examining ways to increase sales for my company through contract business (instead of negotiating individual loads). Today I'm (im)patiently waiting for deadlines to pass to find out about applications to doctoral programs.

A lot can happen in a year. I've said many times "you can have 2008" - meaning it is not the best year in my memory - but my wife pointed out something to me that rings quite true. She said we have grown more as individuals and as a couple in this marriage than in any since we've known each other. It's definitely been a year of learning and growing, especially with regard to our faith (in God and in each other). So I will remember 2008 as one that tested us and which we survived. It certainly hasn't been all bad. I've enjoyed several trips with my family, by myself, and with my brother-in-law. I've seen my best friend married, made new friends, and spent time with old ones. Friends and loved ones have passed away in numbers, and others have been on death's door. I've read several great books, both for pleasure and for enrichment. Most of all, though, I've seen my family grow each day, and I've seen them move through all the things this year has brought on without a lot of complaint. I am proud of them all. They inspire me to work hard and live worthy of being in their lives each day. I know I am a truly blessed man to have such a great wife and wonderful children.

Now bring on the next year.

-- Robert


just me... said...

Nice post and nice acknowledgment to your family. Its true that its easy to get caught up in the minutae of each day and forget all you've achieved throughout the year. Often times you're achievements aren't concrete and measurable, but inner triumphs and achievements that are every bit as rich and rewarding.

Its been a rich year for me as I've grown closer to my husband, gained some perspective on my life and what God wants me to be doing, and I've become alittle more patient and caring than I remember having been in the whole of my life. I consider those great gains and so 2008 has been much better than I could have expected.

Wishing you a great close to the year and a fantastic 2009.......

Robert said...


I do endeavor to acknowledge my family because they are the biggest reason for me to ever want for more. First because they need to see me try more and second because I want more for our family.

I am looking forward to a good end to this year. Thank you. I am excited for next year. Best of luck to you and yours.

Melissa said...

You guys have had an amazing year, yet you are getting through it with a grace I don't know I would have.

Here's to '09! May it be just as fulfilling, but maybe slightly less eventful? :)

Robert said...

Well, eventful, barring an early birth, our third will be born, we will move to a new place neither of us has ever lived (I didn't apply anywhere familiar to either of us), and we will face a significant income drop. Then there's the change from the working world to college life. And that's all set for just the first eight months. So in a way, we hope it's just as eventful - just in a positive way.

Natasha said...

It's good to be able to look back having come through something and see the good. I'm in a similar place as you right now. It hasn't been as tumultuous a year as far as events go. But this has been an emotionally tumultuous year for me with some significant struggles. And things are looking up so much. There are so many good changes. It's such a relief I could cry.

Imagine when you're done your doctorate program!! :-)