Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tick Tock

Tomorrow marks the day after which the baby can come safely. He is due January 21, but it would be fine with us if he comes any day. This baby has certainly worn my wife out. We did enjoy a nice respite in Florida this weekend, traveling down to Orlando and then over to Daytona the next night. We probably won't be traveling again until I hear back from schools and then we're planning to take a trip to decide which one is best. If any of them let me in, that is. Two deadlines have passed, five more to go...

Tick tock... tick tock.... tick.... tock.......

Oh, yeah, Merry Christmas everyone! Amazing to imagine tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I have had more profound things to write about in the past few days, but all in all, what is more important than the celebration of the birth of Christ (I realize it is not Christ's actual birthday)? I am grateful we've managed to get to Christmas day without a large mound of presents building beneath our tree. I'm proud our kids have made sure we've read the Christmas story from the Bible all through the last two weeks. Most of all, I'm looking forward to our own little Christmas again, two beautiful children coming to bounce on our beds and say "It's Christmas! It's Christmas Day!" What more special moment is there?

So, again, Merry Christmas everyone.

-- Robert

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