Friday, March 13, 2009

Athens Bound

Today we're all heading up to Athens, GA, and the The University of Georgia. My wife had been wanting to run a 5k to get her running kick-started again (pun only slightly intended) after our son was born, and they are having one tomorrow. I also wanted to go thank my recommending professors in person for helping me get into Texa Tech, plus I love any excuse to see Athens.

Athens was a place of redemption for me in so many ways. When I was miserable at my first college, I found a home there. When I wanted to give back more because I had been just a shell of myself in the two years I spent there after transferring, I was able to shine. I joined the church there, got engaged there, and saw the future that we are about to embark on there. More than almost any other place I've ever been, Athens feels like home. Even the town where I grew up in feels less like home now.

So yes, I am looking forward to a lovely weekend in a great town. It will probably be somewhat of a farewell tour, though. I have no idea when I'll next be back.

-- Robert

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