Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where Else Would This Group Come Together

Yesterday I sat in the presence of a banker, a car dealer, a janitor, a researcher, a teacher, a Wal-Mart greeter, a computer expert, a prominent politico, a nursery owner, many retirees, some unemployed folks, and well... quite a lot of the rest of humanity.

Yes, I had a jury summons. And I have it again today. I'm getting in some good reading time on Asimov at least. I did not get called yesterday, and perhaps I won't get called today. Whatever the case, I find it quite surreal to see such a group of people all in one place. For the record, the nursery man, janitor, car dealer, and politico all made the grand jury, with the car dealer serving as its foreman.

Welcome to the legal system in action.

UPDATED: Today, instead of naming off forty people to include in the jury pool, they named off sixty to let go - until tomorrow. At least we're all getting rich off $15/day or whatever they pay us.

-- Robert


Melissa said...

My county has ONLINE jury duty. This was so awesome. I logged in, got my assignment, and have to call back two hours before the trial starts to make sure it is still on.

Robert said...

Hmm, I wish you'd've posted this BEFORE I was done. I might've suggested it when the judge asked how we might improve the process. Then again, the rest of the crowd might've drawn and quartered me if I spoke up when he'd just made it clear the only thing holding them was anyone wanting to ask a question.