Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pushed And Pulled

Last night my wife and I saw what I would describe as a fairly poor film. It had its moments, but for the most part it did not hit the mark I believe it was going for. Still, Push did make me think about something - perhaps as my mind was trying to wander away from the screen.

In the movie, there are people who can "push" thoughts into others heads. How often do people try to do that in the real world? How often are we expected to believe ridiculous stories: "I did not realize that gift of hundreds of thousands of dollars might be considered taxable," or "I want to find the real killers," or even "I did not have... relations with that woman." Seriously, people try to push their version of truth into our minds all the time. Maybe that's why the truth has become so amorphous to most people - they think truth is almost totally subjective, free from a set of definite rules or mores. What we're left with is a lot of gray area for what is right, what is wrong, what is real, and what is phony.

Is it any wonder that so many people feel lost? Is it any wonder that materialism drives so many decisions politically as well as individually? Status matters more than truth to many - if a white lie (or a completely false application) gets someone their dream job, who or what does it hurt? It hurts a lot of people, in point of fact, but since "everybody's doing it" many people overlook it.

I digress. It's amazing what can cross my mind when a movie gets weird or boring. Maybe the thought just got pushed into my head, "This movie isn't terrible. It's great. It makes you think deep thoughts."

Or maybe I'm just trying to justify the money I shelled out to watch it.

-- Robert


Melissa said...

Sorry. You lost me at "we saw a movie". You actually got to see a movie with three small kids at home? Boggles the mind. That right there justifies the expense.

Robert said...

We had a sleeping baby with us, for the record.