Thursday, March 19, 2009


If all goes according to plan - famous last words, right? - we will be moving in about 100 days. And thus, as quick as we can blink, our future goes from the amorphous "what if's" of unknowing to the more concrete "what next" of being short on time. Fortunately, my wife and I are both pretty good at getting a lot done in a little.

Am I being too cryptic? I guess I just feel like I'm about to start packing my bags so I can check them in at the airport before the proverbial flight of life takes us to the next destination. The metaphor is a stretch, but the feelings are similar: I find myself thinking "I will be there". Whenever I am waiting to board a plane, I feel that sensation. The same goes for the anticipation just before a play or a movie - I am about to experience something. That semi-anxious excitement - the juicing of the moment - draws my senses into greater focus. Now I just have to calm the excitement enough to accomplish the tasks still requiring my attention here. Not the least of which is getting the rental house packed, the moving company arranged, and figuring out just how much there is to be taken with us. I do not discount the tremendous help my wife will be on all those tasks, but those are things on my mind to somehow coordinate in the time remaining so that we can just perform the plan and hope to be done in time.

The biggest problem with such a plan? Knowing when to start so it can all happen in time to leave but not disrupt life too much in the meantime. This move is a greater undertaking than our previous two (or three, really, counting the smaller in-town move to the rental) because the first was made cross-country but with limited stuff and the second was just across town but did not require complete removal nor one big trip. This move will requires both getting it all and getting it all at once.

Somehow, I will try to think of something else to blog about. I just hope this post begins to show how filled my mind is with thoughts of the future, which I'm sure anyone still reading is utterly sick of.

-- Robert

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