Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More News

For anyone still wondering, I have now heard that I am finalist from another school. I had an excellent phone interview with them, and I anticipate being asked to fly to meet the rest of the Ph.D. committee, if I don't stop them from inviting me. I enjoyed the good advice the professor gave me to read books instead of articles before I get to school because I won't have time to read them once I get going, but I'll want to. So I ordered one of Joseph Schumpeter's books that is very often cited, and also Frank Knight's book. After I get done reading Dr. Hunt, I may have time to get in another Asimov book before those arrive, but if not I'll probably start reading them next.

One of the first schools to contact me let me know I was their top candidate, but they are working to get funding arranged. The committee at the school where I anticipate accepting is meeting today, so I expect to hear something more concrete from them by the end of the week, if not today. I still have no word from the last two on my list, but I suspect they may have gone in a direction that excludes me. If that is true, I am fine with that because I have found a real home where I plan to accept. Unless something goes terribly wrong, I should be announcing my new school very soon.

-- Robert

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