Monday, March 23, 2009

The 300 Club

No, I have not hit a little stitched leather ball with a stick three hundred times, but I am now writing my 300th post. No, it will not be "300 things about me" or even "what were the first 299 posts about". I just felt like pointing out I was writing my 300th post.

There. I did it.

Whew, now with all that fanfare out of the way - please stop blowing the party horns - we can move on to more important things. Whatever those might be.....

Drawing a blank, too, eh? Well, okay, my problem is I probably have four different subjects going on in my head all at once, and they don't make for one post. At least two of them are very retread type material - moving and school - but I have a legitimate question for the moving one: anyone with advice on movers, I'd love to hear good and bad. Horror stories always make for a great comment stream at the very least. Feel free to use it for posts on other blogs, but point me to them at least. School, well, yeah, I know people are somewhat tired of hearing about it.

I'm also thinking about these great Asimov books I've been reading - well into the fourth book of the Foundation series - Second Foundation - and ran across a great passage I want to write a full post about. So people can ignore that one, too.

The last thing I am thinking about is my lovely weekend, as well as my wife's. She went to a great conference with a friend while we husbands watched the friend's daughter - my wife had the baby and my parents had our two older kids - and mostly relaxed at a nice condo. I love to see how these conferences help my wife because they are so edifying. I would love to write about one of her takeaways, but I won't steal her thunder.

So, for those keeping score: I could write four separate posts, and I might still make two from this one, and I have to wait on a potential third... but at least I wrote a fresh, original post.

-- Robert

P.S. No, I am not at all bitter that people aren't commenting. Truly, I'm not. I don't expect it on my "same song, twenty-fifth verse, this one's bad but so was the first" posts about my own reflections as we prepare to go to Texas. Those are for me. Any comments are welcome, but not expected.


C.Flower said...

I've never hired a moving company! Then again, I've always own very little stuff. Well, at least I USED TO own very little stuff.

When I was single, I'd use pizza and beer as bait, luring truck-driving (male) friends to carry my hand-me-down furniture up two flights of stairs.

C.Flower said...

Oh, and congrats on the 300th post. You're an animal.

Robert said...

Your idea reminds me of a commercial where a guy gets his buddies to carry up a bunch of "beer" on the pretense of it being a party, only to find out it was his stuff when they got it in the apartment.

It's hard not to own lots of stuff when you have a family of five. And it's not cheap to move, either.

And thanks for the congrats. ;)

C.Flower said...

I grew up in a family of five. My dad was always bitching about our stuff. He thought everything was "clutter." Because of this my little sister, PK has nothing in her apartment. Seriously. She has like five things in her apartment. It looks like she's been robbed.

Robert said...

My Dad has an amazing ability to only see clutter left by people other than him or my Mom. I'd write more, but there are stories that people actually read this blog and, well... can't have that getting back to anyone.