Monday, January 19, 2009

Going for a Walk

Whenever I have gotten out of the habit of taking walks, I have quickly forgotten one of the main benefits. Sure, the exercise is good for me, but one of the best parts of a long walk can be the time to simply let my mind roam. When my wife and I walk together, we have great conversations about many topics. Sometimes we end up telling the kids stories so they will fall asleep in the stroller. But on walks by myself, I find at least as much enjoyment from the chance to let my mind run its own proverbial laps.

I've never noticed that building before... oh, this route is definitely the easier one... this certainly is a quiet neighborhood... what will it be like when I get back to school... what will our new home be like... where will my children be going to school.... where will I be going to school.....

And so on. I have had some of my best ideas in life while taking a long walk. I have also noticed a lot more of the world around me - much like my professor once told me, "The world you see is the same size, it's the amount of detail in which you see it that is different." It took me a moment to grasp his meaning, but it has fascinated me for more than a dozen years since (how many professors can anyone say that about?).

I know this much: I am looking forward to some long walks around the campus of whatever college accepts me. The thought alone invigorates me.

-- Robert


Melissa said...

I'm the same way. It just seems to focus me by not focusing, if that makes any sense.

Did you get the package yet?

Robert said...

Yes, we received the package and we were planning to send you a thank you with a picture of Daniel in the outfit. Ellie actually tried to send it two nights ago but the pictures wouldn't upload for some reason. We really appreciate the gift, though. Many thanks.