Friday, January 23, 2009

Daddy Daughter Date

Today I got the privilege of picking my daughter up from school. My wife had taken our sons to a nearby town to do some shopping for the baby, so she needed me to go. I got her, and we went to lunch together, and I let her know it was our "Daddy daughter date". She enjoyed repeating that phrase throughout the meal, and it was really fun to see how many people still remark on her amazing ability to speak so clearly and with such a command of the language. Because she is small for her age, people assume she is younger, but also she has been this way from the beginning.

With a newborn, it can be easy to overlook the children already here. I am glad I've had the chance with my daughter and my first son to spend time with them individually to let them know they are still my children, still some of my favorite people in the whole world, and still important to me. In my older son's case, I spent time with him while our daughter was at school and the baby had just come home from the hospital. I plan to continue giving some individual time to each child as the years go by.

-- Robert

P.S. This post might have been longer and more poetic, but I started it as my daughter was happily drawing at my father's desk while we were waiting for my wife to get back. I managed to write "Today" and save it (I had work to do but wanted to remember the special moment) before she started throwing a fit because she was so tired. It was still great to spend time with her, but it was harder to write as much after handling the fit.

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