Monday, January 12, 2009

I Heard From a School!

They got my whole application! Yes, I know, it's somewhat tragic how excited it made me simply to have my application acknowledged, but still, knowing that it was complete and having an idea of when their review will begin really helps me pass the time.

I have heard from other schools that immediately ackowledged receipt of my personal materials for the application, but I have not heard from others that have let me know they had everything. I know at least one other two others do and feel certain three others beyond that do.

In checking up over the weekend, though, I discovered that my various transcript requests were all insufficiently sent to the last school. It was lowest on my list, but it still annoys me that such a thing as paperwork would hold up any application. The deficiency: the various schools only sent one copy of the transcript to one department instead of one to two different departments, per my request and that schools requirements. So I guess that's one place I won't be going.

Just a few more months and we'll actually know something about where I might get to go!

-- Robert

P.S. I realize I sound pathetically excited over a minor bit of email, but at least it's news, right?



Melissa said...

Hey, progress is progress. Take it where you can..

Robert said...

Oh, I'm takin' it. BELIEVE YOU ME, I'm taking it. :)