Saturday, January 10, 2009

Great Moments in Bringing a Newborn Home...

The first time everyone in the house is asleep simultaneously is just an amazing moment. The first time everyone gets to take a nap together is almost more amazing. After all, we have a newborn, a two-yeard old, a four-year old, a Mom (age 26), and a Dad (age 31). Getting everyone to sleep at the same time... winning at powerball seems to have better odds at times.

Yet here we all are, that is, once I nod off. We're doing well at home, though, for those wondering. Our daughter adored the baby well before he was born and still does, and our son has really warmed up to him. He's even learning to say " 'at's my 'aby 'other" - that's my baby brother. We're still working with initial sounds on syllables. It's beautiful, nonetheless. As is our new little boy. Like I asked my wife as I just held him in the hospital, "How much bigger can your heart grow?" She said, "Three sizes, like the Grinch."

Hopefully mine didn't start out that way, though. Off to sleep.

-- Robert

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