Sunday, January 11, 2009

Perhaps Another Viewpoint Would Be More Enlightening

I was looking at Mormanity (thanks for the hat tips, Jeff) and noticed a link to this post comparing Christ from the Book of Mormon to the Christ of the Bible. It was a nice read, but then I noticed another post in the comments section that blew me away: A Baptist Minister believes the Book of Mormon. He pointedly states that he is not leaving the Baptist Church, and I will warn anyone reading it that the verses he quotes come from the Book of Mormon as published by the RLDS Church in 1908 (not the LDS version of the Book of Mormon) that I read from. Still, those verses I read are quite consistent with ours and the amazing thing to take away from it is that a Baptist Minister can see the "plain and precious truths" contained within the Book of Mormon. How wonderful. It's quite a read: The Baptist Version of the Book of Mormon.

-- Robert

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