Tuesday, January 20, 2009


What is it about doing taxes and thinking about last year? Every time I prepare my tax returns, I find myself thinking "Was it really just last year that I..." or "Wow, last year we sure spent a lot on...."

It's also a time to plan ahead. If I got a sizable refund for a certain year, then I know I overpaid taxes (No, I do not think of it as a tremendous gift from Uncle Sam, despite what he might wish). So I consider ways to reduce my taxes paid to avoid such refunds in the future. All in all, it's almost like having a New Years Eve reflection and a New Years Day Resolution - only in dollars and cents.

This post probably has no deeper meaning. I just find myself doing my taxes and thinking about the recent past and the oncoming future. At least I know I won't be paying so much in taxes for a while. That's one benefit of living on a graduate school stipend, and of having three beautiful children.

On a somewhat related note, someone (okay, it was my accountant) asked me today if I got in. He wasn't negative about it, but he was probably the first person who seemed to really suggest that I ought to wonder IF I will get in. I made my case to him, explaining the reasons why I felt sure that at least one school would accept me. I didn't list "I feel called from God to do this" among my reasons (perhaps I should have), but I explained why schools might find me a good choice. I'm not down about it, but it did give me a momentary pause. A "what if" moment. But it passed. I cannot let doubt stand in my way. I know I will get in somewhere, if not multiple places. Then I can quit doubting acceptance and start doubting what exactly I am getting myself in to (just kidding, mostly). I am looking forward to knowing where I can go.

-- Robert

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