Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Scheduled Visit And a Phone Interview

I have now made plans to visit a second school (my first visit was back in the fall when I was just submitting my applications). My wife and I are very much looking forward to that trip (we enjoy traveling together) and to the prospect it might hold for our future.

Tomorrow, I have a phone interview. The school was among the earliest I considered, but as others attracted my interest, it went by the wayside on my radar screen for a while. Now, with the prospect of being accepted there becoming very real, I must say I am intrigued again.

Now my hope is to hear from at least two more in the two and a half weeks before my trip, so I will have more of an idea of where I stand with them as I am visiting this campus. I actually figured out a way to visit one, two, or three more schools on our trip with only an extra day of driving involved for one and two, and one more for the third. We could even stay with family on that trip in several locations, making it a somewhat reasonable trip to make in terms of cost. The problem would be coordinating it all, and the extreme length of the trip for the kids and my wife. It would be an awesome trip, though. We actually have a friend here who made just such a trip as he decided where to go to law school (he was accepted at all those he applied to). Ironically, in the end, he chose the one right where he lived, but he said they loved the trip as a little family (their oldest son was fairly new at the time, I think). We'll see what happens in the coming weeks, I imagine.

-- Robert

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