Thursday, June 12, 2008

All Academic

I have now spent more than a week looking at business school websites. They vary like the shades of color in a sunset. Some are very simplistic, to the point of looking like someone unfamiliar with the program wrote them. Others are full of information, explaining the specializations, courses, and programs of study. The information available on professors varies - some simply list names and interests while others are complete with pictures, vitae, and links to publications. What has not seemed to vary, so far at least, is the willingness to share exhibited by all the professors. To a person, each one has been open and forthcoming with advice about the process of applying for and working toward a Ph.D. They have shared different perspectives on the uses for a Ph.D. and the reasons they pursued they got theirs. I am so grateful to find such an inviting group of people from so many different universities. I have had the opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of different programs, the strengths and weaknesses of the schools, and the primary interests of the faculties. I am excited to join their ranks, if they will have me. The recent graduate I just talked to gives me a lot of hope that I might get the chance, since his reasons for wanting a Ph.D. and his interests were and are so similar to my own.

-- Robert

Note: Eight days to the GMAT. Preparations are going well. I feel good about my chances for a good score.


Melissa said...

I can't believe all the life changes you guys are going through right now. You know that list of stressful things? Aren't you doing like six of the seven at once?

But I am really jealous that you and Ellie have the cajones to do this. I wish you all the best.

Oh, and UT Austin has an amazing business school. And law school. I'm just sayin'...

(brought to you by the Austin Chamber of Commerce)

Robert said...

UT has a great business school, and maybe I might find myself teaching there in five or six years (though, because of the heat and humidity, I somewhat doubt it). I briefly considered it, but it has not been as commonly mentioned among the top schools in the area I'm considering. Maybe I'm asking the wrong people, but I feel like I have a solid list now. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I am sure we are doing six of the seven stressful things at once, actually. We're probably going to be able to vacate our house to get it on the market in another week or two, though, if our plans hold. So far so good, anyway.

le35 said...


Thanks for the vote of confidence. (No sarcasm.) And UT seems like a great school, and at least we would already have a friend there. ;) But honestly, I don't think I could stand the humidity. Humidity here is bad enough.

Rob, Good luck to you! 6 days to the GMAT and counting! :)

Melissa said...

See, I don't even find it that humid. Hot yes (101 today!) But then again, I grew up in Houston and have gills on my neck, so it's all relative. :)

Robert said...

I have often thought of Houston as Hell on Earth because of all I've heard about its heat and humidity. I have never been there outside the airport, though, so I really don't have a way to gauge it. I actually know a couple of people in Austin, but they're not exactly friends - we went to high school together and haven't spoken much since college in one case, and my best friend's Dad and step-mom in another. I've heard it's a neat town, like Athens on steroids (Athens, GA, where I went to college). We'll see what happens, I guess.